Our Team


Alok Singh

Principle & Co-Founder

Alok guides the organisation by continuously pushing boundaries through widening the business world wide. He adds practical perspective in the organisation through design implication with ever changing technology, materiality and innovative market. He is a Tennis player which reflects in his understanding of the subject in the broader market.


Amit Jain

Principle & Co-Founder

Amit’s desire to experiment with the new design ideas and innovative creative process which influences our office design approach. He brings insights and experience of the evolving design landscape around the globe. His love for cooking new delicious food, traveling, writing and hands-on approach to design reflect in his meticulous details in every project.


Pancham Singh

Associate Partner

Pancham has over a decade of experience in handling large scale projects and is a long-standing member of our team. His professionalism and strong managing skills facilitate exchanges with our clients, consultants, and contractors, and ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.


Neeta Anand

Marketing head of Asia

Neeta has two decades of experience in Axis and played an exceptional role in our growing phase. Her professionalism and strong communication skills facilitate exchanges with our clients. She is connected with the oldest and most loyal clientele in the Asia region.


Rachit Sharma

Marketing head of Africa & Middle East

Rachit is a young and energetic marketer with two decades of experience with Axis. He is an Innovative thinker who detects more efficient ways for organizational growth by revolutionizing current product offerings and testing new market approaches.


Monika Alang

Marketing head of America & European Union

Monika’s exceptional approach and marketing skills which is shown in the past achievements. Her outgoing, positive and exploring personality added new verticals and regions in the Axis portfolio. She always looks for a new challenge or opportunity to broaden her horizon. Her love for cooking new cuisine and kind nature make her an exceptional communicator.


Dev Niwaria

Creative Design head

Dev’s interests in sustainable architecture and exhibition adds depth to our design process and fine designs guidance to our diverse design vertices. He brings insight and experience in aesthetics, multi-disciplinary strategies and new technologies to our projects. An avid explorer and cheerful nature always motivates his teams that also reflect in the office environment.


Vikas Sagar

Design head

Vikas works with the ideology of keeping himself in the design space where he takes challenges that help him grow as well as his team. His inclination towards art, innovation and experiment always helps in his work and accelerates zeal in the graphics design vertical at Axis.


Nidhi Kardam

Exhibition design head

Nidhi handles the exhibition section with her management and design orientation which guide our exhibition vertical. Her zeal for articulation brands to the built environment, from concept for meticulous detailing in the design and execution process made Axis achieve an exceptional reputation in the domestic and international platforms. Her past experiences in diverse projects leverages heading the exhibition vertical.


Shivani Arora

Project Architect

Shivani is a project architect with international and domestic experience in Architecture and interior design on multi-scope projects. She is always on a quest to create spaces that are an amalgamation of design aesthetics and functionality whilst catering to the user. She is passionate about dance, art and cultural ethics which reflects in her designs. While managing the work she keeps oscillating between organizing events at the office and finding an excuse to globe-hop for hands-on activities.


Shekhar sharma

IT Department head

Shekhar is an enthusiastic individual with highly skills in information technology which always reflect in his work ethics and punctuality. His stakes are high to run a huge office smoothly while keeping upgrad technologies and requirements. His Cheerful nature comforts him dealing with situations, collaborations with service providers and crunch deadlines.


Ravi Shankar Pandey

Account head

Ravi’s calculative approach toward planning and economic knowledge is great to have in our organisation. His kind nature and introverted personality make him efficient and proficient in his work.

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